A confused mind says NO. Synthesis takes away confusion. 
Don't lose out on deals from simple analyzers. Underwrite quickly without sacrificing quality. Make more reliable offers faster.
Traditional analyzers are either too simple or too complicated. If too simple, you underwrite quickly and are missing out on deals or getting into deals you shouldn't. If too complicated, it takes a long time to underwrite hindering your ability to make enough offers to land a good deal. Synthesis solves this problem. Now you can underwrite quickly on all projects, all shapes and sizes. 
Just added! - for $497 choose the 6 hour course option and get Synthesis at no cost!  6 hours of coursework in addition to all the videos that come with Synthesis membership where we explain how to use each tab in the analyzer. The 6 hour course video goes into depth with examples of underwriting and how to underwrite even faster!
Here is why Synthesis is Different:
Here is why Synthesis is Different:
  • Easy input of most important data points - You are guided through the quickest way to enter the most important variables to make more quality offers, faster.
  • Bridge Loans to Perm Refi - Value-adds need a refinance option. What is your return if you choose to refinance? Quickly determine if the deal allows for the value you need at refinance.
  • Bridge Loan Proceeds - Calculating your loan proceeds accurately is a big deal. If you get that wrong you won't have enough capital to execute your business plan correctly. Synthesis quickly guides you through eligible portions of the rehab budget which can be funded by the bank. This enables you to move forward with confidence that your capital raise is sufficient. 
  • ​Prefs and Hurdles​ - Set Preferred Returns and Hurdles/Waterfalls. If the project achieves a certain return the profit splits to Sponsor and Members can be set differently. Offer better splits on projects at the beginning without guessing.
  • Pref Equity & Accrue ​- Want to use Pref Equity but don't know how to model it? Synthesis models Accrue and profit splits that allows the Sponsor to see if the project is a good fit for Pref Equity.
  • Two Classes of Equity - Want to provide different splits and returns to different classes of equity shares? For example: An investor wants to give a 500K investment but requires a better return, Synthesis allows you to model different return structures for that class of Equity. 
  • ​Joint Venture? - Synthesis is not just for Syndicators. Synthesis was made for Joint Ventures as well with different splits for different partners. Synthesis allows you flexibility to model scenarios for different partners which allows you to raise money faster. A confused mind says no. Synthesis removes the confusion for the Sponsor and the Partner/Investor.
  • How do you know what rent you can achieve on a value-add? - This is one of the biggest unknowns by most operators. For example: If you are turning 50% of the units over an 18 month period what is the average rent achieved for the year? Synthesis models value-add turns on a month by month projection to allow you to see how and when you can achieve your target rents. 
  • ​Dashboard - Everything in one view which allows you to see all the important data points and enables you to make quick adjustments on the deal. 
  • And much more - sign up today to get notified of launch and get the edge you need.
  • Access to Training Videos - Once you complete your purchase you will be granted access to the training video membership area where we go over all the areas of the analyzer.  
  • ​FREE Updates - We will be adding updates periodically. You will have access to the membership area where you can always download the latest version. 
  • Required software - Excel for Windows or Excel for Mac
  • ​One time Low Price - $197  or choose the 6 hour Course additional video and get Synthesis at no cost for $497
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"This is the best analyzer we have used. It allows us to underwrite quickly while having the ability to adjust various scenarios as professional syndicators"

- John Cohen, Founding Partner
Toro Real Estate Partners - 4500 Units
"The analyzer is not just for syndicators. It is for anybody buying multifamily properties. You can feel confidence sitting across from an investor discussing various partnership structures"
- Kata Walters, Principal
Hinuera Properties - 26 units
"I've used many analyzers but needed more flexibility structuring deals. I needed the next level of underwriting software where complexity won't slow me down. Synthesis solves that issue. 

- Kyle Jones, Principal
TruePoint Capital - 920 units 
Synthesis is created by Professionals - Sharpline Equity
  • Over 500 Unit Transactions - Sharpline Equity has transactions of over 500 units in the last 7 years. 
  • ​7 Full Cycle Multifamily Projects - Sharpline Equity has completed 7 full cycle multifamily projects from purchase, to raising capital, to running the project, to successful exit. See on our website for past projects. >> https://www.SharplineEquity.com/multifamily-portfolio
  • ​$12MM+ in Capital Raised - In the last 7 years Sharpline Equity principals has developed a network of investors from their continued successful track record. 
  • $20MM in Real Estate Transactions - Sharpline Equity is an active professional private real estate company currently looking for additional projects. 
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